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Impact of Taking Music Lessons as a Kid Many parents have become eager to invest in music lessons for their youngsters for many reasons. There are many explanations why it is good for young children to learn musical instruments. Studies have been carried out by various experts to determine the effects of learning a music instrument on cognitive development. As a result, they have learned that children who take music lessons present great enhancement in spatial-temporal reasoning skills which are needed for learning math and science. They have also found out that those kids that can play musical equipment surpass the performance in reading comprehension when compared with their classmates that are not taking musical classes. In addition, these children obtain enhanced memory skills as they consistently learn music. Many researches have proven that these music lessons gives kids an academic advantage since it increases their IQ. The second benefit from getting music lessons is that it educates kids how to reach goals. Setting goals is essential in making progress and actually acquiring those things that we are wishing to pursue in life. Basically, when we have something we are so interested in, we will pursue that thing by planning achievable goals. There are times when other people are setting goals for us to pursue including our parents and coaches. Without goals, it is impossible for us to get where we are supposed to go. Because of this, goal setting has become essential in our daily lives. Having an organized and realistic number of goals is actually the starting point towards accomplishing your goals and finishing it gives you a sense of fulfillment and excitement to actually reach the goal.
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Being an expert in playing a particular tool is a long-term goal obtained over a period of years. For an individual to accomplish this ambition, the music teacher will have to set a series of short-term goals together with the student to eventually realize the ultimate goal. Even at a very young age, kids are being trained of the importance of having goals and doing activities to actually reach it. Many people are struggling at reaching their plans because they are not taught to take control of their actions and they don’t have the enthusiasm to do little by little activities that are associated with and essential in reaching their goals in life.
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Hard work and consistency are also major factors to achieve wonderful things in life. Music teachers are enthusiastic about instilling character qualities of self-determination and discipline to their trainees in a fun and effective way. Music students tend to be motivated to learn the genre they are interested in but they need to practice consistently to perform a certain piece. The music teacher supports a student structure a weekly practice time and he or she highlights the importance of self-discipline every time.