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Choosing the Right Type and Size of Dog Crates

With so many designs and types of dog crates today, it is perplexing to make a decision which to buy. Given the fact that there are so many variants of crate available, it really is confusing. Regardless of the crate that you need and want, you can be certain to find the one that suits your preferences be it large crates, heavy duty travel crates etc.

The least expensive type of crate that you can get for your dog is folding wire cages. They’re quite practical and serviceable either for crate training or transporting your pup to and from places. However, take into mind that this is open on all sides which somewhat compromise a bit on safety. If ever you like your pup to have a place of its own, you can cover the top with a blanket.

But most of the time, many dog owners are using this for crate training and at the same time, for restricting their pet at night.

Another option that you will surely like is soft dog crate as it doesn’t just look nice and adorable but this also offers a cozy and warm environment. These crates are durable but if your dog likes to chew on things or is quite big, then this option might not be the most sensible purchase you will make. However, soft dog crates are perfect for small dog breeds but then again, remember that they are not ideal for constant chewing.

If you want the cage to go well with other furniture in your house, then wicker cages will be a great choice. For this, many people chose this style of dog crate particularly when it is used for indoors. Again, they’re perfect for dogs that have smaller breeds.

Sturdy plastic cages with door in front and air vents both the side and top are common types of cages that are used to transport pets. If you are about to invest in this cage, make sure that the one you are going to buy is approved by the airlines as well.

The dog’s size, tendencies and habits are the three important things that you have to be mindful about in order to determine the type of cage for your dog. If your dog is quite large or known to chew and want your dog to spend most of its time inside the cage, then it will be preferable to buy a hard plastic cage for it.

If you’re something after that’ll easily blend with the rest of your furniture and you have a small dog breed, then you can choose either small furniture cage or soft dog cage.

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