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Toenail Fungus Treatment Reviews If you notice your toenails have a dark or discolored condition for a while, your nails have been infected by fungus. The condition is medically known as onychomycosis, and it’s common among adults. One of the best ways to deal with onychomycosis is to know how to stay away from it. However, those already fighting it should not panic because they can find the best nail fungus treatment to deal with the embarrassing situation. In this article, we shall see a few of the best nail fungus treatment procedures. If you have been to a pharmacist, he or she will recommend antifungal medication in the form of tablets or nail paint to apply. Sometimes, a sample of the nails may be taken for a lab test to prove if you have a fungal infection before administering the treatment. The lab test is to confirm whether there is fungal infection or not. The itraconazole and terbinafine are the common antifungal tablets for treating toenail fungus infections. You will take once or twice per day, depending on the instructions from the pharmacist. For effective treatment of the infection, you need to take the medicines until the end of the prescribed period. Failure to finish the dose, the fungus are likely to return. Antufingal tablets usually have side effects such as headches, rashes, diarrhea, itching, and loss of taste.
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For those that don’t feel like taking tablets, the antifungal nail paint is recommended. However, experts say the antifungal nail paint may not be very suitable for effective nail fungus treatment. This is because the paint do not reach deeper to the infected layers of the toenails. The vital aspect of antifungal nail paint is that it doesn’t cause side effects. But, you need to use the nail paint for several months before you start noticing significant changes.
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Softening and removing the infected parts of the nail can be preferred if the antifungal treatments are taking too long to work. However, you need to visit a pharmacy to get a treatment kit for this method. The treatment kit contains several items such as urea paste, scraping device, and plasters. The paste softens the nail and then scraped before replacing with a good nail. If the treatment methods fails, you may decide to get rid of the infected nails. Though the idea of removing a nail is not supported by many people, it can be the only solution to a painful nail infection. It may be surgically removed so that a new nail grows over time. However, you need to stay patient as the new nail grows even if it means waiting for a whole year or more. If the nail fungal infections becomes too obstinate, you can opt for laser treatment. High doses of light energy are directed to the infected nails to destroy the fungus. It should be done severally in order to destroy the fungus completely. The repeat procedures make the treatment more expensive than the others.