Fluoride Information and History

There are many current health scares about “chemicals” like the material in vaccines that prevent many from getting safe and effective health care treatment. One “chemical” to recently come under fire is fluoride. Not only is fluoride found in toothpaste and some pesticides but is also in most tap water in the Western world. Unfounded fears of water fluoridation can be expelled when you read reliable fluoride information.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral often found in bodies of water. Fluoride helps hardens the enamel or outer surface of teeth and helps bones in children to grow strong and in adults to stay strong. The mineral was first discovered in the 1800s. Fluoridated public water supplies began in the 1930s. This has still given dentists and scientists plenty of time to determine the long-terms effects of fluoridated water.

Fluoridation Saves Teeth

Study after study done in the past 20 years from Australia, America and Canada are unanimous in their findings – fluoridated water is a powerful tool against tooth decay in both adults and children. Even before the first milk teeth break through the gums, fluoridated water helps prevent decay of baby teeth. One 2011 study done in Alaska noted that without access to fluoridated water, 32 percent more children had tooth decay than in areas with fluoridated water.

Fluoridation Saves Money

Anyone who has suffered from a toothache knows the unique brand of suffering it can bring. That throbbing tooth becomes the center of your whole world. The pain increases when you wonder how much a trip to the dentist will cost you. Fluoridated water and using toothpaste containing fluoride are two powerful ways to prevent more trips to the dentist than just a twice-yearly check-up and cleaning. For example, a study done in Texas in 2000 showed that low income children who lived in area with fluoridated water cost Medicaid $24 less than kids who did not.

In Summary

Using fluoride toothpaste and other dental products as well as drinking fluoridated water helps save teeth and money. If you have more questions about fluoride and fluoride information that have not been answered here, please contact your dentist today.