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The Accomplishments of Christian Counselling Over Grief in Couples Counselling Meetings Christ came to earth to redeem the lives of people from sinfulness. Adam and Eve were the first people who fell to sin and this introduced sin to man. After this fall, God decided to send Jesus so that he could die for us. His mission did not end when he ascended into heaven, but he ensured that there would be people to continue with his work. These disciples built a fellowship and that is the church. The church has many responsibilities in the life being of many. The needs of many Christians are met within the churches. One of their roles is to solve conflicts in families. In every fellowship, the family is treated with care since it is part of the fellowship. Marriages are restored through the programs of Christian counseling to bring healing. Through Christian counseling, couples are helped out in times of grief, and these are the results. The fellowship between husband and wife and between each other with God is restored. As a result of grief, there is dryness in how the two get intimate with each other and with God. Trained Christian counselors save the situation of the couples by carefully speaking to their needs. They get closer to each other in a relationship. The calmness of the hearts of the couples is revived. It is clear to understand that when married people are grieved their hearts are never at peace. They are never contained in their minds. Whether the grief is as a result of the faults of each other, or it is from external sources, these two are never at peace, and once they seek counsel from church, they will get all sorts of testimonies and teaching that will help regain their peace.
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Finally, Christian counseling builds on the accountability of its members within the given congregation. It becomes the concern of the elders in the church about how the members are faring. When they have handled the issues of grief between the couples, it is sure to know that the couple walks home encouraged in that there are people somewhere they can count on without fear of condemnation. It cannot be ignored, that there is need for sensitivity of heart in handling issues to do with grief amongst couples as you could be hurting them more or one of them without knowing and this will not be of help to them. The church aids in accomplishing the ministries listed in the Bible.The Best Advice on Counseling I’ve found