Ways to Attract Browsers to Blogs

Blog sites are ranked much like websites so the visibility of the blog depends on the amount of activity enjoyed by the blog, whether or not it is integrated with social media sites, and the relavence of content. That means bloggers have to attract browsers to their blogs to become successful. Once there, visitors will expect something new and different so make sure posts, pictures, and articles are interesting and able to capture attention.

Encourage browsers to register or sign up on the blog site. The number of members or subscribers has a direct effect on blog rankings. Providing a bonus for signing up works well in most cases. That can be accomplished by having contests, offering discounts on products or services, and providing opportunities to win prizes. In order to do that, advertisers and sponsors are needed. Those can be enlisted via affiliate programs, reviews of products, and links to their websites.

A discussion or forum page will also attract people to the blog. The chance to contribute, share, or make a statement regarding a topic appeals to most people. It is rare that individuals are invited to share their opinions so that is a big draw. Those who participate will be likely to share the blog page on their personal social media pages, like the page, and recommend the blog to followers. That can set off a chain reaction with huge potential. Millions of people spend a lot of time on social media pages, and most love to pass information, videos, and posts along to fellow social media enthusiasts.

Another way is to invite a guest blogger to contribute an article or video to the page. It allows browsers to get a different view and perspective of the topic. It also breathes new life into the blog. A new writing style, a different opinion, or a controversial stance can instantly make the blog fresh and exciting. Keeping people informed about trade shows, conferences, or expositions regarding the topic will also have positive end results. Those who attend will report back to all the other subscribers and begin discussion points that may not have been thought of to date. Becoming a guest blogger on another blog is also helpful because you can refer to additional content by inviting people to read my article, or enter this contest.