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Why Tummy Tuck is not Simply a Cosmetic Procedure There are a lot of people struggling with bulging tummies and some have tried diet and exercise to get it toned and flat but to no avail, but there is an effective cosmetic procedure called abdominoplasty or tummy tuck in which the weak muscles are tightened and loose skin and fat removed from the tummy so that it gives you an improvement in your abdominal tone which appears flat and toned. This cosmetic procedure is ideal for women who have just given birth and find it difficult to restore their figure and for those who lost weight from workouts in a short period of time leaving some loose skin hanging from their bellies. Muscles of pregnant women and fat people are overstretched for a long period of time, and so when the mother gives birth and the fat person loses weight, these muscles no longer go back to their normal condition, leaving some excesses on the tummy part. But unless you think that it is simply for a cosmetic reason, there are other medical benefits that one can gain after the treatment. Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) or a bladder control problem experienced by women after pregnancy or aging women where they are not able to control urine leakages when one coughs, sneezes, does heavy lifting or exercise, and even when on laughs, since it puts pressure or stresses the bladder, can now be corrected using tummy tuck. Women who did not undergo C-section are usually treated without surgery for their SUI condition. The soft tissues that support the pelvic floor, the bladder and urethra can be tightened through the tummy tuck procedure like the way it tightens abdominal muscles and loose skin on the abdomen. Result? These tissues helps keep it closed and prevent bladder leakages.
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One other benefit one can gain from a tummy truck procedure is the correction of ventral hernia. This condition occurs when the intestines or abdominal tissues break through the abdominal wall and forms into a cavity or pouch when the abdominal walls are weakened. With tummy tuck, the weakened abdominal muscles are corrected, thus relieving pressure on the skin and tightening the tissues, so that the pouches are repaired back to its normal place and is prevented from occurring again.
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Tummy tuck is becoming very popular today and because of this, it is believed that tummy tuck is an easy procedure. This procedure is not an easy one and in fact is considered a major operation lasting from one to five hours in the operating room. It also requires a general anesthesia to induce coma and not sleep, and for the reason to render the patient unresponsive and unconscious while removing a typical ten pounds of stomach fat by disconnecting the skin from the underlying tissue. Recovering from the procedure also takes several weeks to complete.