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The urban lifestyle and the stress that comes with it have made us all a little too sluggish. We are more susceptible to illness today than ever before. Once again, the increasing cost of living puts a burden on our finances. As a result, a medical emergency can be monetarily draining unless you have a good health insurance policy in place.

A health insurance plan is a surefire way to pay for expensive medical bills. Your health care expenses are taken care of for life when you pay a set premium for health insurance on time. Additionally, you receive additional benefits over time and according to your policy. So, the best health insurance policies can help you through the most trying circumstances in life.

Here are the five features that every health insurance plan must have:

Cashless Claim Benefits

With a Cashless Mediclaim policy, the insurance provider and the network hospital immediately settle the payment of all associated medical costs, including hospitalisation fees. The policyholder is not required to make a cash payment. You can avoid reimbursement procedures at any network hospital thanks to this feature. With cashless mediclaim coverage, you can receive the greatest care without stressing over gathering pertinent finances. You can choose the best health insurance policies offered by Care Health Insurance, which provides cashless treatments at 19000+ cashless healthcare providers across the country.

Free Annual Health Checkup

Regular medical exams are crucial to maintaining good health. It gives you the power to get longer-term coverage that is superior. All health insurance plans do not offer free health check-up benefits. Therefore, getting a health plan that includes a free medical check-up option is crucial.

Certain policyholders, notably senior citizens, go to hospitals for routine check-ups. They should ensure that a plan adequately gives free medical check-ups when choosing the best health insurance policies from numerous available options. 

Alternative Treatment Cover

Insurance firms now provide consumers with health plans that include alternative medical alternatives. AYUSH, homoeopathy, and naturopathy are a few of them. Any person who is dissatisfied with allopathic medical treatments can select a treatment from the available options based on their preferences. Additionally, because the prices of these alternative treatments are low, a person might save more money. Additionally, they are offered COVID-19 treatments that provide means for getting the necessary results.

Pre-Existing Disease Cover

Health issues that exist before you purchase health insurance coverage are known as pre-existing conditions. Heart conditions, asthma, and hypertension are a few common examples of these illnesses, but they can also be as little as an injury from a previous accident. Check with your insurer to see whether pre-existing conditions are covered or excluded before you buy a health insurance plan for yourself or your family because, once you do, it won’t cover them for at least 48 months and a maximum of four years. Depending on their medical state, the waiting period in some cases might additionally be more.

International Second Opinion Cover

We frequently forget that physicians can disagree with one another and are also human beings. Getting a second opinion could help you learn more about your condition and decide what to do next. Adopting a medical treatment only to discontinue it can be an expensive and taxing affair later. Only by making sure you are on the right route, which a second opinion provides, can this be prevented. Since there are no clear-cut treatments, the majority of complicated conditions are challenging to diagnose. Patients who suffer from many ailments are most affected by this. Therefore, selecting the incorrect course of treatment could have dire repercussions, and it can be easily avoided by second opinion coverage in a health insurance plan.

Domiciliary Treatment Coverage

The ability of a policyholder to receive care in his or her home is one of the advantages and features of the best health insurance policies. The treatment must also be under a doctor’s supervision in order to be covered by an insurance provider. A policyholder can save more money by taking advantage of the maximum days of coverage offered by many insurers. Nevertheless, it is advisable to learn more about them so that you can make the best choice. When compared to inpatient hospitalisation treatment, a home care procedure offers realistic possibilities for a quicker recovery.

As a result, you should select a health insurance policy that caters for all of your family’s medical needs. Always plan beforehand for the worst-case scenarios so that you can be firm when it’s time. Thus, the best health insurance policies support both financially and emotionally. Therefore, it is smart to choose a policy with more features for the safety of you and your loved ones by taking thoughtful action.


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