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Al Tayer Group and Dubai Academic Health Corporation (DAHC) have entered an agreement to support prenatal healthcare at the Centre for Prenatal Paediatrics at Latifa Hospital, as they align their shared philanthropic values.

Ahmed Al Tayer, director of Al Tayer Group, expressed his endorsement of the project, saying, “At Al Tayer Group, we stand firm in the belief that the betterment of our society as a whole is firmly rooted in our ability to nurture and care for members of our community. We are delighted to make this contribution to the Latifa Hospital, as a continuation of our commitment to support the noble efforts of the hospital, in providing exceptional facilities and care to women and children in the UAE”.

Dr Amer Al Zarooni, CEO of Al Jalila Foundation, which manages philanthropic endeavours of DAHC, echoed the sentiment, saying, “Investing in the earliest stages of life holds the power to shape a brighter and healthier future. The Centre for Prenatal Paediatrics signifies DAHC’s commitment to the well-being of expectant mothers, their children, and the future of health for generations to come. By bringing together technology, esteemed medical expertise, and compassionate care under one roof, this centre does not only set the standards of excellence in prenatal healthcare but also ignites a beacon of hope for families across the region.”

Prioritising prenatal and maternal care

During the signing of the agreement, Dr Muna Tahlak, CEO of DAHC and CEO of Latifa Hospital, said, “At the heart of this effort lies a profound understanding of the vital importance of prenatal care. The Centre for Prenatal Paediatrics is poised to revolutionise the field, offering a comprehensive range of specialised services and advanced diagnostic capabilities. From early detection of potential complications to personalised treatment plans tailored to each individual, this centre empowers medical professionals to provide the highest standard of care throughout the crucial journey of pregnancy.”

Dr. Fadi Mirza, medical director and director of the Obstetrics Department of Latifa Hospital, emphasised the role of maternal-fetal medicine, which focuses on caring for women who are at high risk for problems during their pregnancies.

He said, “We see a significant number of patients with congenital malformations, chromosomal abnormalities, complex twin cases, and other serious fetal conditions. At Latifa Hospital, we have established a centre of excellence that is equipped with the technology to treat the medical needs of these delicate infants. Additionally, the centre holds tremendous potential to emerge as an academic hub fostering research and education specifically focused on the intricate management of these challenging cases.”

All stakeholders involved in this collaboration are fully committed to prioritising patient well-being within a secure and nurturing environment while delivering the highest quality multidisciplinary care.


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