Leading healthcare company focused on developing treatments for chronic diseases leverages Deal Box’s capital raise technology for growth funding round

CARLSBAD, Calif., May 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Deal Box, a capital markets advisory and secure token offering packaging platform, today announced that Biostax Corp. (OTC Pink: IMUN) (“Biostax”), a leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and MedTech company focused on developing affordable treatments for those living with chronic illnesses, will be leveraging Deal Box’s capital raising technology and Investment Packaging () formula to raise $12 million. Deal Box’s capital funding method will enable Biostax to expedite growth and innovation, as well as maximize the reach to markets where health challenges are prevalent and healthcare expenses hinder patient access to treatment.

The global healthcare and life sciences industry is expected to hit $330.69 billion by 2030, at a growth rate of 10.8%. The COVID-19 pandemic is a grand contributor to the dramatic growth of this industry, and it will continue to demand the aid of companies like Biostax.

With a commitment to improve healthcare outcomes, Biostax is focused on driving the development and commercialization of proprietary mechanisms, like pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and MedTech products to prevent, intercept, and improve autoimmune and chronic illnesses. The company’s objective directly aligns with Deal Box’s mission to invest in innovative companies looking to improve the world. Deal Box’s capital raise technology will streamline Biostax’s access to a wider range of investors and secure funding more efficiently to not only provide affordable healthcare to those with autoimmune and chronic illnesses, but also diversify their reach to other critical areas.

“Biostax brings innovative technology and commitment to expansion to the table, as well as, aiming to provide medical care to those with little access, which will certainly bring forth immense value to investors,” said Thomas Carter, CEO and Chairman of Deal Box. “Biostax is fixated on refining what affordable health care means to society, and we are excited to support them through this growth capital round.”

“We are thrilled for the launch of our growth funding round, and even more so to have Deal Box alongside us. Deal Box is not only just as committed to our mission as we are, but also dedicated to advising and guiding our company during a time of tremendous growth and expansion into a growing market with vast potential” said Kelly Wilson, CEO of Biostax. “The Deal Box platform is forthright and efficient, preventing us from wasting time with uninterested investors and leading us towards raising more capital with meaningful investors that see value in our mission to reinvent access to affordable health care.”

To learn more about Deal Box and its investment packaging services, visit here. You can also click here to learn more about Biostax and their innovative approach to affordable healthcare.

About Deal Box 

Deal Box is a digital assets platform transforming venture investments. Since 2017, Deal Box has rigorously vetted and digitized over $250M of assets, embedding transparency and compliance into thousands of venture transactions. From deal structuring to digitizing company shares, Deal Box manages the entire asset lifecycle to deliver investors a secure and seamless ownership experience. In addition to its digital assets platform, Deal Box provides comprehensive capital advisory services through Investment Packaging. Spanning data room creation, financial modeling, and valuation analysis, Investment Packaging is a six-week process that helps issuers avoid painfully lengthy or canceled investment timelines, giving investors an efficient diligence process and a streamlined investment experience.

About Biostax

Biostax Corp. is a pioneering pharmaceutical company involved in the acquisition, development, and commercialization of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products that have a well-defined path to market. By utilizing a biotech portfolio hub-and-spoke engine, the company plans to advance focused and efficient small-scale biotechnology and pharmaceutical programs through subsidiaries, investment vehicles, or partnerships, and deploy its products from those programs in markets both in the U.S. and internationally for initial commercialization.

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