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The job search can be a daunting experience. To make it easier, Anishnabeg Outreach (AO), an Employment Ontario agency in Waterloo Region and Guelph, has employment resources covering the initial job hunt to the application process.

Preparing for the Job Search

Job Searching

The job search can be overwhelming because oftentimes, people are unsure where to start. AO has created two resources to help guide job seekers through the process.

Available as a PowerPoint presentation, their Job Search workshop informs job seekers on available search engines with job postings, how to effectively navigate these sites, and how to set up job alerts to keep motivation up.

If you already have your eye on a specific job, or are interested in a specific industry, they also offer information on how to conduct an informational interview, a great resource for networking and finding out more about the specifics of a job or industry.

Application Process

Writing a resume

Resumes can sometimes feel like a burdensome task; to make it easier, AO offers a resume workshop and resume templates you can use for inspiration to power through writer’s block.

Writing a cover letter

After condensing your work life into a one-page resume, you now need expand on those skills and how they might benefit a potential employer. Switching gears can be tricky. AO offers a template for inspiration, but it also offers a workshop explaining why you should write a cover letter, while providing a formulaic approach to writing it.

AO also highlights the importance of “accomplishment statements … a great way to showcase yourself to future employers. It helps you highlight any skills or experiences you have obtained from previous jobs. These statements can be used in your resume, cover letter, and in a job interview,” according to their resources link.

Their accomplishment statements worksheets are a great way to brainstorm and practice prior to writing these statements and incorporating them into your resume, cover letter, or to practice answers for interviews.

Preparing for an interview

The favourite pastime of introverts everywhere, interviews can be difficult to master. AO also offers a workshop with tips to help you succeed regardless if the interview is in person, over the phone, or through video. They also have a list of commonly asked interview questions to help you practice.

Asking for references

You’ve been asked for references. Now what? AO also has some resources to help you navigate how and who to ask.

Read more about AO’s resources here: https://aocan.org/employment/employment-resources/, and get acquainted with their mission here: https://aocan.org/

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