Konseling Online

The secret of the Heavy Hitters in network marketing has been automated and put to work on the Internet, where it can generate a non-stop flow of free leads for your business, while stuffing money into your pockets.

This little technique has been used for decades to make the time-consuming process of prospecting pay. I first heard about it from Dale Calvert in the early 1990s, but it has been around in various forms since the early days of Amway, I hear.

Calvert called it a “Funded Proposal” — a way to get prospects to pay you to present your opportunity to them, even if they don’t join your company. You can’t lose with this technique.

With the arrival of the Internet, the Funded Proposal got even better

What is the ONE thing every business needs? That’s right: Leads! And usually, they’re not cheap — and, in most cases, they’re not very responsive, either.Konseling Online IF you can get them on the phone…IF they remember calling… and IF they don’t slam the phone down on your ear, you might get them to take a look at your opportunity — before they pitch you on their opportunity.

The hard, cold truth is: You will only sponsor 5% of the leads you get — at best!

But fortunately, your leads will still pay you, because you can possess what everyone in MLM needs:

#1) An automated System that generates targeted leads for your business

#2) The same System also produces Income, to offset the costs of advertising

#3) The System also Educates your prospects about what is necessary for BIG success in network marketing

#4) The System establishes you as an Expert, who can provide the newcomer with what every networker seeks — A simple, systematic path to Success

Not only can you have an automated prospecting system that generates free leads, but those people who eventually come through your sales funnel will treat you with the respect given only to an expert — AFTER they have paid for your prospecting expenses! What could be better?

They might even join your Team, to share in the momentum your system creates.

In the old days, top MLM leaders would have to rent a big hotel room, give their presentation to a room (hopefully) full of prospects, who would be offered the opportunity to join the company. In many cases, distributors would outnumber prospects, Lowongan Kerja so the best way to salvage travel and meeting costs was for the Top Dog to sell his or her books and tapes at the back of the room.

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