To know the cost of hair transplant procedure is one of the most important tasks that must evaluate on the basis of the available state of hair loss as well as the possible condition to perform the task in terms of donor state, grade of baldness, and the performing surgeon’s recognition and reputation. As we all know that the hair transplant in Dubai cost is getting very popular these days and the Middle state is reckoned as the hub of the hair transplant surgeries due to the reasonable cost provided by the reputed clinics in the Gulf States.

As a matter of fact, the cost of the procedure primarily based on the state of hair loss and the available state of the patient’s scalp that makes the possibility of the particular technique adoption as well as the strength of the graft extraction, subsequently, helps in achieving the desired outcomes of the procedure.

Anyone who is facing the problem of hair loss wants to recover the condition as soon as possible and so they headed towards the hair loss expert’s clinics. But, it is also an important homework to analyze the cost rules applicable in the various clinics and choose the best one that suits their available budget. Therefore, it is a better method to know those primary factors that influence the cost of the hair restoration procedure in Dubai.

The Primary factors that are relevant in Dubai to put the charge for this sophisticated cosmetic surgery are described below:

  1. Surgeon’s Charge: The first and the foremost aspect that tells about the cost of the procedure include the surgeon’s fees. The surgeon’s fee varies from one hand to another that extensively depends on their performance standard, recognition in the hair transplant industry, the reputation in the hair restoration society and the most importantly the result given by the surgeon. The positive and remarkable outcome performed by the particular surgeons definitely charges a higher cost rather than the inexperienced or general surgeons.
  2. Number of Grafts to be extracted: The number of grafts directly accelerates the cost of the procedure. In Dubai, per graft cost usually ranges from AED10- AED15. Per graft cost greatly differentiated on the basis of the technique or method of the hair transplant procedure, i.e., the FUT or the FUE hair transplants. If a patient needs a large amount of the grafts to fulfill the need of the expected density or to overcome the issue of the greater grade of Norwood baldness, the cost is put on the lump sum basis in Dubai.
  3. The desired Volume/density: If a patient needs a high or very high density for the respective grade of baldness then the need for the graft/follicular units would be increased and this automatically accelerates the cost of the hair transplant procedure. However, the cost gets affected due to the graft’s number in a very direct manner. In Dubai, the hair transplant clinic gives the prime focus on the graft number that is considered as the most genuine way to put the price of the surgery.
  4. The use of the Particular Hair Transplant Technique: The practiced technique influence the cost of hair transplant as it affects the extraction limit and finding the particular number of grafts is totally dependent on the chosen technique. The two types of techniques relevant to the hair transplant procedure, i.e., the FUT and FUE. The FUT technique is the most accepted and traditional way to extract the graft weighs a lesser cost, whereas the FUE charges a higher cost. Yet, the result received through the FUE has been less compatible to overcome the problem as there is the limitation of graft extraction in the FUE technique.


The cost is the major deciding factor behind choosing the destination to get the hair transplant procedure because it is usually a high-cost surgical procedure and a number of masses are affected by the problem of hair loss. The people usually go with those options that suit the budget plant and so the option of Dubai gets relevant these days.

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