TORONTO, Sept. 5, 2023 /CNW/ – ILAC Education Group is proud to introduce its newest addition to the family: The Canada Employment Forum. The focus of the Canada Employment Forum is to develop and enhance partnerships with employers across Canada ensuring ILAC students have access to a wide array of employment opportunities, both during and after their studies.

“As an industry leader we continuously work to create and develop innovative tools and initiatives to ensure that ILAC students are ready to succeed in the Canadian job market,” says John DeFranco, CEO ILAC Education Group. “With thousands of job ready international students per year, many speaking multiple languages, Canada Employment Forum can provide employers with candidates that can fill gaps in today’s job market.”

ILAC Education Group has identified four main pillars that are fundamental to international student success:

  1. Pre-arrival preparation: Canadian workforce expectations and acclimatization
  2. Strategic commercial partnerships: Work opportunities in ILAC program-related sectors
  3. Seamless transition into the local workforce: Part-time employment for students
  4. Post-graduate support: Employment opportunities in sectors and regions across Canada

“We believe that advancing these four pillars, which support our students before, during and after their studies, will allow them to build relevant work experience and set them up for success in their chose field upon graduation,” says Jason Rosso, the new head of Canada Employment Forum, who brings with him 20 years’ experience in leading teams and entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry. 

In addition to co-hosting pre-arrival workshops to ensure that students are job ready before they begin their studies, Canada Employment Forum is establishing employment opportunities that can later become full-time jobs for students in their desired fields.

On September 27, the Canada Employment Forum will host its first networking event in Toronto for 800 Georgian @ILAC students and 60 industry partners.

Starting October 2023, students will be able to access employment opportunities through a dedicated portal on the Canada Employment Forum website, where employers from all sectors can sign-up and advertise vacancies.

ILAC will continue to offer co-op and career services for ILAC students to ensure they are prepared for the job search process, including preparing resumes, cover letters and interviews, and supporting students with workplace expectations.

“ILAC Education Group is invested in the short and long-term success of our students,” says DeFranco. “We are confident that these forward-thinking steps will further enhance student experience while providing real value for employers across Canada.”

Jason Rosso, Head of Canada Employment Forum
+1 (647) 988-0992
[email protected]

SOURCE ILAC Education Group


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