February 6, 2023


Are you looking for simple hijab OOTD inspiration to hangout? Don’t worry, because Hello Ladies has specifically summarized the information in this article!

When you want to go out with friends or your lover, you definitely want to wear clothes that are pleasing to the eye. However, not everyone likes the combination of hijab clothes that are too complicated so they prefer simple clothing styles. Hijab The question is, where can you find simple OOTD hijab ideas for hangouts? The answer is, the accounts belonging to the hijab celebgram! Well, Hello Ladies have collected information related to inspiration for simple hijab fashion styles to hangout from various Instagram accounts belonging to influencers. Let’s see the review!

Here are some simple hijab OOTD ideas to hangout from a number of hijab celebrities!

1. Siti Bahjatina’s OOTD 

The combination of Bahjatina’s clothes is so simple. You only need to wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants with the same material and color. Then, combine that appearance with white sneakers to give it a classic impression. Well, as a complement to a plain shirt, you can choose a simple patterned hijab that can be arranged easily. Unisma Don’t forget to also use a small sling bag as a sweetener.

2. Ayana Jihye Moon’s OOTD 

Like Ayana, you can combine underwear and a button-up knit cardigan with a slim fit model. She paired the top with dark denim rolled up at the bottom.

Not to forget, she also wears a brightly colored hijab like her cardigan. Coupled with lace-up wedges as footwear.

3. OOTD ala Nisacookie (Khaerunnisa)

The next simple hijab OOTD idea is taken from the @nisacookie account on Instagram. This time, we take an example of a combination of clothes with a graceful impression but still simple.

You simply use a long t-shirt with a simple image or motif, then combine it with a flared type skirt. Choose a contrasting color! For example, Nisa chose a white top and a black skirt. Then, use a hijab with a color that matches the skirt. For footwear, you can use wedges or boots with a high base.

4. OOTD in the style of Indah Nada Puspita 

You can also see other simple hijab OOTD inspirations on Indah Nada Puspita’s account. You only need slim fit denim pants and an oversized shirt.

Then, you can pair that combination with light colored women’s leather shoes. Coupled with a bright hijab that is neatly tucked into the shirt.

5. OOTD ala Zahratul Jannah 

Furthermore, you can also use the following upload as your hijab OOTD reference.

Zahra was seen wearing a maxi dress with a flared skirt type. The color is bright, so she combines it with a black pashmina draped over both shoulders. Hijab Not to forget, he wore black tights and white lace-up sneakers.

Well, those are five simple hijab OOTD ideas that you can use as a reference in dressing. Hopefully the information can inspire you in combining the various types of clothes you have at home, ladies!