LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Many residents in the Las Vegas Valley who rely on affordable health care are now left wondering where to go.

This comes after Silver State Health abruptly closed its doors.

“My therapist has been wonderful. She has truly been a god sent to me,” Brandy Parry said.

That therapist has now been taken away from her.

“She actually made me feel comfortable the first day we met and she really talked to me in detail and told me to go at my pace,” Parry said.

Parry is a kidnapping survivor from Mesquite. She was able to escape her kidnapper but that did not mean she was going to escape the trauma that followed.

In order to overcome the trauma, Parry tells FOX5 she has relied on the affordable mental health services Silver State Health was offering. She made the drive every week from Mesquite to Las Vegas to meet with her therapist.

“The PTSD will always be there with me but this is just to help me be able to function a little bit more out in the world,” Parry explained.

Just a few days ago, Parry said she got a personal text from her therapist which said that all Silver State Health clinics were closing with no explanation as to why.

“There was no hope. Like everything that I was doing and it led up to this point for nothing,” Parry said.

FOX5 has been calling the number provided for Silver State Health and it goes straight to an audio-recorded message that says, “Due to unforeseen circumstances, Silver State Health has closed. If you are a patient of Silver State Health you will be warmly received at Safe Harbor Medical.”

We reached out to Safe Harbor Medical, and their CEO Tina Alicea tells us patients from Silver State are being seen within two weeks, depending on their medical needs.

Alicea also tells FOX5 they expect around 500 patients to come from Silver State but was not able to comment as to why they closed.

The change, however, impacts many people in Southern Nevada, as it offers mental and physical health services at a low cost.

FOX5 went through Silver State Health’s website and it says they partnered with CCSD to offer sports physicals and immunizations to students.

After doing some more digging, FOX5 also found Silver State was part of the “National Health Care for the Homeless Council” and they expected 3,000 patients to be seen.

The gap in care is life-altering for patients like Brandy.

“Now I feel like I am at the beginning stages all over again,” she said.

FOX5 has reached out to many people to get an explanation as to why Silver State closed, including Silver State, and asked to speak with the CEO Mark Miyaoka.

We also reached out to CCSD to ask how many students were impacted but we have not heard back. Safe Harbor said it is in the process of getting approval to work with CCSD students.

To reach Safe Harbor Medical, you can call 702-870-8852.


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