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Vince McMahon’s new employment settlement with WWE grants him personally the unique rights to “convey, commercialize, license, or normally exploit his existence story”.

Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics pointed out the clause in the agreement, which Thurston described as “extraordinary.”

The pertinent part of McMahon’s new arrangement states that WWE forever assigns all rights it may well presently have to McMahon’s image, voice, likeness, private ordeals, biography and lifestyle story, and “all other legal rights of publicity and persona relating to McMahon.”

The clause in McMahion’s agreement, filed with the SEC, states in whole:

The Corporation more acknowledges and agrees that McMahon will have the exclusive proper to communicate, convey, commercialize, license, or in any other case exploit his existence story, including to produce, produce, publish, perform, screen, use, license, and otherwise exploit any written content and performs relating to the exact same, in any kind or medium, whether or not now identified or hereafter created, like without having limitation any textbooks (memoir, biography, autobiography, and many others.), posts or essays, audio recordings, audiovisual operates (documentary, biopic, scripted method, dramatization, fictionalization, and so forth.) (the “Life Tale Rights”). 

 The Organization hereby irrevocably waives (A) any correct or license it may have to exercising or exploit any Lifestyle Tale Rights based mostly on legal rights that have vested with or been granted to the Corporation beneath applicable regulation or any prior settlement with McMahon, (B) any correct of approval with respect to any physical exercise of the Daily life Story Legal rights and any embodiment thereof, and (C) any declare for breach of any covenant or endeavor of McMahon relating to confidentiality, non-disparagement, non-competitors, or other restrictive covenant or affirmative undertaking binding on McMahon that benefits from any material, conversation, or motion in relationship with any training of the Life Story Legal rights and any embodiments thereof. 

 The Organization hereby grants to McMahon and his successors and assigns a non-unique, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide license (with the ideal to sublicense) to reproduce, put together derivative is effective of, display, perform, and otherwise use any Operates or mental property legal rights of the Enterprise relating to McMahon’s daily life tale in relationship with any workout of the Existence Story Rights by or on behalf of McMahon and his successors and assigns and in any material or performs designed based mostly on the Existence Story Rights in any type or medium, irrespective of whether now regarded or hereafter developed.

This effectively signifies that — even if McMahon and WWE portion techniques in the long run — he now has sole control in licensing any works dependent on his lifetime story, providing him overall sway about how that story is informed in officially accredited guides, videos, documentaries, etcetera.


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